An Integrated Case Management Software
Matter Management, Task, Emails, Calendaring, Billing, Finance… These are some of the features that truly make Hoxro LMS Legal & Case Management Software a unique Legal Software. The ability to add a new task or send an email directly from the matter, schedule appointments on the calendars, integrate Microsoft Office 365 and Google calendars, send matters to billing, make quick financial posting, view live data are all part of Hoxro LMS Legal & Case Management Software. Work from anywhere, on any device, start from where you last left are just some of the benefits Hoxro LMS users are enjoying. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software is designed to give lawyers and attorneys a simple and effective solution to manage their work and organization. Hoxro LMS differs from other Case Management Software in many ways. From the features to the way we run our business. We aim to be friendly and transparent and enjoy working with our continuously growing user base.
Intelligence as Standard
MOur Lawyer developers have spoken. When we asked them what they would want in their perfect case management software they were not shy in expressing their viewpoints! The feedback was illuminating. It soon became clear that many of the features that they felt were necessary could not be incorporated into existing legal software of the install server variety. It was with this in mind, that Hoxro LMS Legal Case Management Software was created as a web application. The primary and re-occurring themes raised by our Lawyer developers were:
A fresh and inviting interface which was intuitive to use
Feature and function rich, and have the capability of benefitting from future upgrades and improvements
To have world class security
Seamless Integration with existing apps
Stress-free data migration
Competitive Pricing
Compliance with Regulatory Bodies
Be in tune with real world flexible working requirements
Fresh and cutting-edge Design
Multi Device Capabilities
All this brings a unique user experience. Hoxro LMS Legal Case Management Software has been designed to make the life of Attorneys easier and more productive. We give particular importance to the ability to work from anywhere, collaborate as teams and keep in constant touch with your clients.
One Window Interface
Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software have designed an innovative ‘one screen’ view. Take a look at the three paneled screen and you get a sense of familiarity. Designed with lawyers in mind, the layout allows you to keep an eye on the important matters, without having the nuisance of multiple screens opened or minimized on your tool bar. No matter how efficient we like to think we are, badly designed interfaces can hinder effective working. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software works with, and not against, you.
One Window Interface - HOXRO LMS
Manage Every Aspect - HOXRO LMS
Manage your Documents
Everything in one place. Manage your matters with ease. Use the Microsoft Suite and Google integration to generate documents, drag and drop documents into the matter screen. Keep track of billing time and never under-bill again. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software provides in-built Emails, task-lists and calendar, which can be synced with the matter, thereby providing an efficient working environment.
Library of Documents
Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software will act as your document repository. Create and store endless documents within the Library tab. Want to update an existing library document? Easy, with Hoxro LMS updating and refining documents is a breeze. Hoxro LMS has built in intelligence which keeps the Library streamlined.
Built-in Documents - HOXRO LMS
Manage Every Aspect - HOXRO LMS
Work from Anywhere
The advantages of a purely web-based application are numerous. One of the main plus points is that Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software can be accessed from virtually all types of devices capable of web connectivity. Hoxro LMS is optimized to be used on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. Work on the go. Never miss a deadline again. Give clients updates on their matters at a drop of a hat.
Hoxro is everything you need in one place
We give it all

For $50 a month you get access to all that Hoxro LMS had to offer, without any restriction. With Hoxro LMS there are no upgrade options. You get what everyone else gets.

Hoxro is everything you need in one place
Uncompromised Security

Hoxro LMS has the most modern levels of security. Data is encrypted and decrypted using the most advanced algorithms, typically known as the 256-bit encryption which is inbuilt to our SSL Certificate. We also perform regular Cyber Attack tests to continuously ensure that we are ahead of hackers who may try ransomware, virus and DDoS attacks. Most importantly we have a disaster recovery policy in place that will allow us to restore your profile in such events.

Hoxro is everything you need in one place
Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service

We are the only legal software to adapt the PaaS service of Microsoft Azure. This allows us to develop our application in a very dynamic and user-friendly way. Users will see and benefit from features that are not available on other Cloud Legal Software or Desktop Applications.

Hoxro is everything you need in one place
Simple Data Migration

If you are looking to migrate to Hoxro LMS from an existing software, rest assured that we will hold your hand during this process. We aim to make the process as painless as possible and can have you ready to go within days.

Hoxro is everything you need in one place
Scalability as standard

Many legal software limits on the number of concurrent users they support as their system is difficult to scale. This causes major issues with slow lagging systems which really frustrates users. We are aware that even small firms with 1-10 users can grow to 100+ user in time. We have therefore ensured that our system out scales and up scales as you do. We therefore do not claim to be for just for the small or medium sized firms, rather, our Azure PaaS capabilities allows us to scale without restrictions.

Hoxro is everything you need in one place
Component-based design

Hoxro LMS is not built as traditional Legal Software which adopt the modular design. Our component-based design and its related technology is the future of the way apps will be built. This design pattern allows to give our users a fresh and smooth experience. The technology used is AngularJS, NodeJS and ReactJS to name a few. All these work in sync to make the users navigation similar that of a light responsive application.

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Everthing in One Place
Matter Management
Intelligent Matter Tracking
Firm-wide View of Each Case
100s of Precedents and Letters
Legal Forms
Legal Accounting & Billing
Track Billable Hours
Bank Reconciliation
Track Budgets and Prepare Bills
Enterprise Level Integrations
Microsoft Word Online/PC/Mobile
Microsoft Excel Online/PC/Mobile
Office365 Email Integration
Stay Organised
Notification Centre
Import/Export/Share Calendars
Task Manager
Smart Time Recording Alerts
Mobile Applications
PC, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile
Native IOS and Android Apps
24/7 Access to Your Matters
Flexible Options
Ability to Reassign Licenses
Enterprise Level Security
No Contractual tie-ins
HOXRO has everything you need for your Legal Practice.

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