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Welcome to Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software, the world’s most comprehensive and useable Practice Management Software. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software has been designed by lawyers for lawyers. Logical and intuitive layout, familiar and intelligent design with ease of use at its core. Why look anywhere else for all your practice needs.

Our Story
Badly designed interfaces cost you in time, energy & productivity. Discover intelligent design that anticipates your actions and shows you relevant features. Perform & complete tasks without leaving your existing window. All features are easily accessible and are ready at your fingertips.
Hoxro meets all your practice management needs.
At Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software we are solutions driven and leave no stone unturned in discovering new and innovative ways of doing things. Hoxro Practice Management Software is designed as a ‘one stop solution’ to practice management. We offer a smooth document automation module for seamless running of a matter where the user can create letters, emails, court documents with minimum fuss. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software offers integrated/synced email, eliminating the need to constantly checking other tabs for new communications. Hoxro Practice Management Software offers in-built IOLTA trust accounting so you can keep a finger on trust and operating account balances for every client. Bill clients with ease using Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software integrated billing module.
At Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software we aim to be at the cutting-edge of legal technology. Our team of like-minded individuals strive to provide clients with the latest user-friendly innovations. We at Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software do not add new features for the sake of it. We listen to clients when it comes to their needs and requirements and add-on only those features that would be useful in practice.
All the features contained within Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software have been suggested by lawyers. Our development team include current and former Attorneys and Paralegals with many years of practice behind them. The common bugbears that our lawyers complained about were that systems they were using were slow, clunky, non-compatibility with newer versions of software, more prone to security breaches. Our lawyer developers in conjunction with our traditional software developers have worked 1000s of hours in producing a truly unique web based Hoxro Practice Management Software for lawyers around the world.
Why Hoxro?
By using Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software you can rest assured that you will not need to use any other Hoxro Practice Management Software for your practice needs. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software is an all-encompassing Practice Management Software that looks after the crucial aspects of your business. From practice management, case management, document creation, contacts repository, to in-built email suite and task list, Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software has it all covered.

Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software allows you to create bills in a matter of a few clicks from within our in-built Billing module. Create different types of bill, be it fixed fee or billed on an hourly basis. Bill generation has never been so easy.

Create financial reports with live data, full audit trails, simple data entry screens, integrated real-time client ledger. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software helps you keep a finger on the pulse of your business.

At Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software there are no hidden charges. What you see is what you get. Our pricing structure is as simple as our software. You get everything that Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software has to offer as part of your licenses. All our users will benefit from any future development and new features without exception.

Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software has created a simple transparent pricing structure. We charge $50.00 per license per month (plus Taxes). There are no fixed contracts to use Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software for a specified period of time.

Web v Install

Welcome to the 21st Century. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software is at the forefront of the advancement towards web based and Practice Management Software development. The vast majority of Legal Practice Management software currently used is outdated technology- install server based. This has served the industry well for the past 30 years but due to advancements in AI and task automation lawyers are becoming more astute to the possibilities that are available given the advances in Practice Management and web based software. It is an exciting time to be involved in web based tech, why? - seamless integrations with your favorite applications, without incurring further development costs; and the future is online in this 24 hour world, where work practices have changed from the usual 9-5 to providing a service as and when required. We foresee that the new working realities encompass a need for flexible systems. Software as a Service (SaaS) is crucial for the new lawyer. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software allows new players in the market to go toe to toe with established practices by arming them with the tools required to be switched on and ready to go from day one. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software helps to level the playing field.

Practice Management Software rediscovered.

Traditional Practice Management Software involved little or no intelligence, collaboration or integration. It was expected that data entry had to done multiple times and users would use multiple applications manage their practice. We have seamlessly integrated and adopted new technology to bring the best in Practice Management Software.
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Everthing in One Place
Matter Management
Intelligent Matter Tracking
Firm-wide View of Each Case
100s of Precedents and Letters
Legal Forms
Legal Accounting & Billing
Track Billable Hours
Bank Reconciliation
Track Budgets and Prepare Bills
Enterprise Level Integrations
Microsoft Word Online/PC/Mobile
Microsoft Excel Online/PC/Mobile
Office365 Email Integration
Stay Organised
Notification Centre
Import/Export/Share Calendars
Task Manager
Smart Time Recording Alerts
Mobile Applications
PC, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile
Native IOS and Android Apps
24/7 Access to Your Matters
Flexible Options
Ability to Reassign Licenses
Enterprise Level Security
No Contractual tie-ins
HOXRO has everything you need for your Legal Practice.

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